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CAPS-03 'Phantom' Musket by build-the-impossible CAPS-03 'Phantom' Musket by build-the-impossible
The "Single-Shot Phantom Musket," drawn for an art contest on Seventh Sanctum, "Weapons and Warriors," as part of a joint entry with ~Ilovetodraw. This blueprint provides a detailed look at the weapon; the main portrait of weapon and warrior is here: [link]

The single-shot "Phantom" musket is an experimental infantry weapon developed by Mangotronics, the galaxy's leading manufacturer of high-energy particle technology. The "single-shot" designation has a dual meaning. It is true that the "Phantom" can be fired only once before the cartridge (labels 23-25) must be replaced. However, the weapon is extremely accurate, such that only a single shot should be needed to hit any target within 3 km range. To achieve this remarkable degree of accuracy, the "Phantom" musket relies on two separate mechanisms. The first is an array of sensors mounted at the musket's front end (labels 16 and 17), which can identify and track any target that reflects or produces electromagnetic radiation above a frequency of 10 kHz. This tracking information is integrated by a series of computers (labels 11, 12 and 15), which signal control rings (label 10) to slightly adjust the flight path of the projectile while it is in the barrel so that it approaches the target's predicted position.

The second mechanism for accuracy relies on the composition of the "Phantom" musket's projectile. This musket uses a three-stage system of miniaturized particle accelerators and colliders (labels 1-8) to generate a projectile composed of high-energy particles called Chi axotrions. These particles have a uniquely high ability to maintain quantum coherence, that is to behave as a wave and spread out from the initial line of fire. Chi axotrions will maintain this wave-like nature until part of the wave encounters a solid material, which disrupts the axotrions enough to break quantum coherence. Once this "decoherence" occurs, the Chi axotrions interact with the target, causing massive damage due to their energy. Therefore, even if the initial projectile flight path would result in a near miss, the spreading Chi axotrion wave will contact the target, resulting in a hit.

Firearm Generator: Single-Shot Phantom Musket
Particle Generator: Chi axotrions, Zymons
Corporation Generator: Mangotronics
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August 15, 2011
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